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What makes Samthrupthi Coconut Oil the best?

Samthrupthi Coconut Oil is made from carefully selected coconuts sourced from Kerala, known as God's Own Country. The coconuts undergo a natural drying and roasting process using Eco Roasting, ensuring optimal quality. Following this, the roasted copra is demoisturized to remove 99.99% of water content. The oil separation process then takes place.

To obtain the purest coconut oil, the separated oil undergoes a 5-layer filtration using the MPF Technology. This meticulous filtration ensures the oil's natural, hygienic, and 100% pure quality. Additionally, a laboratory test is conducted to further verify the oil's quality before packing.

Samthrupthi Coconut Oil is highly versatile and offers numerous benefits. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including cooking, skincare, and haircare. Its healthful properties make it an excellent choice for those seeking a wholesome oil option.

In summary, Samthrupthi Coconut Oil is sourced from the finest coconuts in Kerala. Through a series of carefully crafted processes, including drying, roasting, demoisturizing, and filtration, a pure, natural, and hygienic coconut oil is obtained. Its exceptional quality and versatility make it ideal for various uses, from cooking to skincare and haircare.

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