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Our Story

64 Years of pure trust


A pursuit of excellence

AMS Group was established in 1959, at Kalyan, Maharashtra, by Shri. V.P. Ali. The humble beginning, that took off from being a coconut trading company, AMS has grown in leaps and bounds. Pursuing a strong corporate philosophy, AMS has been able to strive and steer ahead with a strong emphasis on quality and commitment. Following the vision and spirit of Shri. V.P. Ali, his sons took the reins of the group and started 5 sister concerns in 1991.

The 45 years that elapsed since its inception, AMS has become one of the most trusted names and spread its branches to various sectors. Today, AMS is the sole importer of premium quality dates in Kerala. Headquartered in Pattambi, Kerala, AMS has a varied list of products that include Coconut Oil, Dates, Dry Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Spices, Chocolates, and more.


Offering the wholesome goodness of coconut fruit

Samthrupthi coconut oil only comes from fresh, mature coconuts and is not blended. Years of experience in the industry come handy in choosing 1st-grade coconuts which are grown in Kerala with the most conducive climatic conditions. Carefully selected coconuts from the God’s Own Country are undergone for a natural drying and roasting with Eco Roasting Process. The roasted copra is then kept for demoisturising where 99.99% of water content is removed, and then the process for oil separation is done. The separated oil again then undergoes a 5-layer filtration using the MPF technology to produce 100% natural, pure and hygienic coconut oil. Before the packaging process, a laboratory test is conducted to ensure the quality of the oil.

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